Blaming the Unemployed   Leave a comment

Someone close to me recently wrote on Faceback that since she has been able to weather this economic storm by working hard and doing with less (I better not tell you what she considers “working hard” and “doing with less”),  then everyone else should therefore stop whining, stop blaming their woes on Wall Street, etc. etc.

It is really hard to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. In fact, you can’t do it. That is why we have to READ. Read the classics mostly; read literature by authors from very different cultures than yours; read a wide range of genres. This seems to me to be the only way we will ever be able to understand that just because “my life works in this particular way” doesn’t mean that everyone, indeed that ANYONE,  else’s works like that.

And that seems to be  what makes the difference. People I know who READ are able to have an appreciation, a compassion, and at least some understanding of other people whose lives do not work quite the way theirs do.

This person who posted on Facebook does not read. And she has no understanding for people in different circumstances than hers. I have to think there’s a connection between the two…WeShouldThinkAbout reading more and encouraging others to do the same.